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What we offer

Best-in-class WordPress hosting built on Google Cloud infrastructure.

  • Free SSL

    Nowadays, SSL certificates are a necessity for HTTPS websites. Since entities such as Let’s Encrypt offer the certificates to us for free, we don’t charge you for it. And we take care of managing the certificates for you.

  • Great Support

    Hopefully you’ll never need to contact us for support, but in the unlikely event of an emergency, our specialist support team members will be there to help you. For any questions, email us:

  • Free Migrations

    Want to switch to Fendera, but already have a hosting provider? No worries. We can help migrate your site for you. Just send us an email! (Yes, this is also free.)

  • Google Cloud Infrastructure

    Our hosting is powered by Google Cloud — the very same infrastructure that powers YouTube and Gmail. Our state-of-the-art architecture ensures blazing fast speeds and amazing up times.

  • Weekly Back-ups

    We back up your database automatically every week for free. All back-ups are stored and encrypted in the cloud, so they’re always there if you need them.

  • Affordable Price

    Other hosting services out there are extremely expensive. We think that a great, affordable hosting solution is possible. We charge a flat $34 per year. (That’s less than $3 per month.)

Fendera Pricing Model

There are no complicated plans or fees. It’s one-size fits all.

Free SSL certificates, auto-renewed and managed for you.

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How it works

Very simple, and our support team is ready to help.


At the moment this is a Bring Your Own Domain (BYOD) service. This means that if you don’t have a URL yet, you’ll need to purchase one. is a good place to do this.

And if you already have a domain, that’s perfect. All you need to do is update the DNS settings with your current provider.



All your payment details are safe with us. Our payment gateway is PCI compliant, and we don’t store any payment details on our servers.

Our subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, and you can expect a full refund for the time you don’t use. That comes out to be almost $3 per month.


After updating your DNS settings, your WordPress site will be ready within seconds. Keep in mind that DNS propagation can sometimes take up to 5 minutes to complete. As always, contact our support team if something is not working though.



I was a GoDaddy customer but my bill kept raising and I was unhappy with load times. Discovering Fendera was a blessing. I host 3 websites, my bill is 70% lower and load times are amazing.

ValentinCEO at

Fendera is great! My blog was freely hosted, but I was looking to upgrade and struggled finding a WordPress hosting reasonably priced. Their support team migrated my site, and I am super happy with the service!


Our website is a fundamental component of our business. I am very happy with Fendera, free SSL certificates, great support, and their weekly backups saved us once when we accidentally deleted some content. Can’t go wrong with them.

William Ho (DDS)
William Ho (DDS)Founder of

I was already hosting my personal portfolio with Fendera, when I decided to create, I had no doubt of where to go. Today I receive more than 50 visitors per day and I am very happy with my site.

Amanda Legge
Amanda LeggeCreator

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