Why Fendera?

It is no secret that when it comes to WordPress hosting, we can choose among dozens of companies. Why did we create Fendera then?

Out of sheer and pure need 😁. Before starting Fendera, our founder was using GoDaddy for his personal blog. After a couple of years of being a customer, he came to realize that not only GoDaddy’s hosting experience was sub-par, it was also plagued with up-selling traps: Want an SSL certificate? -> Pay more, Want Backups? -> Pay more, Your site is loading too slow? I will leave you to guess GoDaddy’s answer. To add to the pain, the bill was increasing magically year and year without adding more features.

It was time to change! And there are great alternatives from companies that specialize and have mastered WordPress hosting. Example of these are getflywheel or WordPress engine. A breeze of fresh air he thought… But that changed when he saw the prices. The cloud has made computing widely accessible to small companies and increasingly affordable. Why can’t we then as consumers have an affordable feature-rich WordPress hosting experience?

We felt it was our obligation to fill this gap left out by traditional companies, and premium specialized providers, and with that idea in mind we took on the mission to build what today is Fendera.

In our most basic plan, our hosting is comparable and often surpasses that offered by premium providers, and we can do so at price point 40% lower. Among the top reasons that allow us to operate at this level is our zero expense on advertising. We don’t believe in advertising because if something is great, why do you need to advertise it? Another reason is our top technical talent, which has built a state of the art infrastructure based off Google cloud that without a sacrifice in quality has optimized its operational costs, and this cost reduction has been passed onto our clients.

In essence, at Fendera, we believe that a great affordable WordPress hosting experience is possible. And we are here to prove it. Join today for one of our plans, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at support@fendera.com