Migration Guide

After ordering our hosting, follow this guide.

Short version

Point your DNS to the IP address:

Long version

Do you want to migrate from another hosting provider?

If not, or if you just wish to get a fresh start, go directly to the Update DNS section. Otherwise, read from the top.

Download and Install the Migration plugin

Go to the Plugin section of your current WordPress site, and click on Add New.

In the search box, type in: All-in-One WP Migration. Install and activate the plugin by clicking in Install, and after in Activate.

Export your WordPress site

On the left admin panel, click on the plugin an a select the “Export” option, the default options should work for most sites.

After gathering and compressing all files of your existing WordPress site, you will be prompted to download the resulting file.

Update the DNS settings

The next step is to update the DNS settings of your domain provider. The following applies to Namecheap.com, but most providers have a similar interface. Login into your DNS provider, and navigate to your domain list.

Go to your domain dashboard and click on Manage for the domain that you want to host with us.

Create two A records, one with Host = www and another with Host = @, both pointing to the IP address:

Save the changes, and now your domain should point to our servers.

Finish the WordPress Installation

Wait a few minutes after updating the DNS settings for the changes to propagate throughout the internet.

Then, access your website in a browser, and you shall see a WordPress Installation page.

Finish the installation steps and your new website it’s ready!.

Importing your site back
(Applicable only if you exported before)

If you have exported and downloaded the file from your old hosting, now is time to import it back.

Follow the same instructions to install the All-in-One WP Migration plugin as described above in this page. Then, click on Import, and drag and drop the file you have previously download.